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Cultural Clubs

Cultural Clubs

Interested to learn music? Want to form a band and need to find other like minded people? The Music Cub is the hub for music enthusiasts in IITM. The Music Club encourages and nurtures the musicians of the Institute. The members of the Music club get access to a high-end music room with equipment used by professionals all over the world. With its flagship event, Raagabop, and ties with Saarang, the cultural festival of IIT Madras, the exposure to budding musicians is unrivaled. Definitely the place to kick-off your Institute activities!



One of the newest in the list of student clubs at IITM, the Writing Club is looking to be many things. Aptly named ‘Writing’ Club, we concentrate on anything written – essays, stories, poems or just plain emails! We, at the Club, seek to inculcate a culture of written expression in the institute, across departments and batches. With the possibility of expanding to the vernacular as well, the Writing Club is the place to be if you want to put pen to paper.

To walk away to hoots of laughter after livening up a piece of writing

To take a quarrel or an argument on stage and turn it into legend

To look people in the eye and win points by correcting grammar

To sound important or earnest or just plain brilliant

To master the art of learning to speak and to fall in love with the some

A Club: Speaking Events, IIT Madras

Quiz Club
The Quiz Club of IIT Madras is at the centre of the rich, passionate and competitive quizzing culture in the institute. It organizes meetings regularly and members conduct the intra-hostel Lit-Soc events, the Quizfests during Saarang and Shaastra, and also the IIT Madras Open Quiz. If knowledge excites you, if you like to tickle your grey cells by asking and answering questions, if you want to enjoy the thrill of “cracking” a well-framed question, then QC is the place to be!
Anyone and everyone can dance. Just some music and a little movement and voila! – Here is a brilliant dancer. IITM Choreo Club provides students with a variety of opportunities to learn and participate in dance activities from the freshers night dances for the new additions to the institute to dancing classes(S.P.A.R.K) for novice learners. Learn about various dance classes and events in Chennai by subscribing to the Choreo Club group.

If you think you are a notch above others and have a passion for dance you can try out for the institute Choreo team. For the ones who love to watch people dance there are plenty of showcase events to attend. At IITM Choreo Club there is place for everyone. Contribute to the dancing and learn all the ‘MOVES’ yourself.

Fine Arts Club
Flaunt your dreams with the colorful strokes of your brushes, sway across the dimensions with your pencils, create the world of art with anything and everything, listen to artists from various fields and how they changed world with art and finally beautify Insti with your talent.




Thespian Club
Have a flair for the dramatic? Think you’ve got what it takes to steal the spotlight? Think theatre is cool, and wanna be a part of something definitely cool? Your prayers have been answered. Come be a part of IIT Madras’ Dramatics Club. We’ve got something for everyone: prima donna to spotboy number 2.

Word Games Club
The Word Games Club promotes word games and conducts events like Scrabble, Crossie(Cryptic Crossword) and What’s the Good Word as part of the institute’s yearly Lit-Soc competition as well as IITM’s cultural festival Saarang. Apart from this, the club meets regularly to encourage students to participate in these word games. The WGC also organizes the Chennai Scrabble Open, one of the biggest national level scrabble tournaments in South India in association with the Chennai Scrabble Club.
The WGC has an active online community, where students and alumni post puzzles regularly.