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Indian Visa Types

Indian Visa Types

Business Visa

  • B1 n B2 short term
  • B3 is turn over in crores
  • B4 long term visa
  • B5 crew members of scheduled r non scheduled flights
  • B6 foreign academicians under GIAN
  • B7 for directors of company
  • B8 miscellaneous
  • E- visa is only for business, medical and tourism

Conference visa

  • Conference organised by Govt organisation
  • Conference organised by non govt organisation
  • E – conference visa is given to govt organisation

Students visa are 8 types

  • S1 college students
  • S2 school students
  • S3 students of professional college
  • S4 short term course studies
  • S5 studies in yoga music n arts
  • S6 students exchange program
  • S7 students of South Asian University and Nalanda University
  • S8 theological and missionary students

Employment Visa Types

  • E1- short term remunerative employment up to 6 months.
  • E2- Long term remunerative employment beyond 6 months( registration required)
  • E3- for intra company transferee
  • E4- for honorary work with NGO
  • Any visa type along with X means dependant. Eg.. E1X, E2X
  • E5 – staff faculty in south asian university and nalanda university

Research Visa Types

  • R1- research scholar at a categorized indian institution.
  • R2- visiting faculty at recognised Indian institute.
  • R3- Research scholar on a bilateral exchange programme.