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International Conferences at IIT Madras

International Conferences at IIT Madras

The Ministry of Home affairs on 2ndMay,2018 has launched an online Event Clearance Platform  for grant of online security clearance to the conference/ Seminar/ Workshop being organized in India by a Ministry/Department of the Government of India/ State Government/ UT Administrations / Public Sector Undertakings/ Central Educational Institutions/Public Funded Universities/ Private Institutions or NGOs. Please find the Clearance Portal.pdf of OM from Ministry of Finance, Department of foreigners Division about launch of an online Event Clearance Portal for grant of security clearance for information and necessary action.

The Organizers of International conferences, seminars, workshops, etc., can follow the following steps:

1) The organizers are required to register themselves and apply for grant of the security clearance on the following website (

2) The organizers has to registered online application form which includes, organizer details, event details , Participants List (Personal-Particulars as mentioned in attachment) and funding details along with required documents such as NOC from Nodal Ministry/Department, if any, Political Clearance from Ministry of External Affairs, Other approval obtained from any government agency, Approval letter from Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports (Mandatory for sports event only). Clearance certificate would be issued from MHA after verification.

4) In general, the Event should be applied before 30 days. But in case of Prior Reference Category (PRC) countries participants i.e. Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Sudan, foreigners of Pakistani origin, Stateless persons, the Event should be applied before 60 days. In case of PRC complete details of such participants should be sent to the Ministry of Home Affairs (Foreigners Division) in the following format (Personal-Particulars as mentioned in attachment)along with the proposal at least 30 days prior to the commencement of the event. In such cases, visa shall be granted by the Indian Missions/ Posts only to those individuals whose cases have been specifically authorized for grant of visa by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

5) A detailed FAQ, Dos, Don’ts and User Manual are available at the website (  for better understanding of the user. No offline/physical application form requesting for grant of security Clearance is required.