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Office Of Global Engagement

Office Of Global Engagement

The Office of Global Engagement at IIT Madras facilitates foreign students, faculty visiting the campus from various countries across the globe. The IITM, one of the premier institutes in India not only believes in accelerating its efforts in the area of international outreach but also aims at opening up new vistas, a whole new world of opportunities both in academic and research areas.


INTERNATIONAL STUDENT & FACULTY EXCHANGE PROGRAMS:  Our international student and faculty exchange initiative is aimed at working hand in-hand with eminent academicians, brilliant students from all over the world.

Student Exchange Program:  IITM attracts students from various disciplines that would enable them to work with faculty in the respective areas of technological advancements.

Faculty Exchange Program:  The Faculty exchange program at IITM is for the academicians interested to learn, discuss and work with the ever progressing research activities, developments in various clusters of disciplines like engineering, pure sciences, humanities and management studies. 

Enquiries for Exchange:  The GE co-ordinates the exchange program for both students, faculty. The queries can be mailed to

ARRIVAL & STAY:  The GE makes all necessary arrangements for the stay of the students, faculty visiting the campus as a part of exchange program. The visitors will be picked up from the airport and would be placed in the accommodation available on the campus.

International Delegation Visits:  IIT-Madras is perhaps one of the most sought after academic institutes in India for eminent academicians, faculties from international universities to learn about the first-hand info in both academics and research.

Co-ordination of Visits:  The visits of the international  delegations are co-ordinated well in advance for detailed interactions with the faculty, students and also visits to the labs and other research facilities. The GE would be responsible for planning the itinerary of the delegation. 


INDUSTRIES: The MOU’s signed by IITM with various premier international universities, industries has a lot offer in the tremendous development of the institute over many decades. The GE encourages, maintains and sustains MOUs for the relentless growth.

LIFE ON THE CAMPUS: The life on IITM encourages students, faculty to strive towards the passion for excellence. Regular interactions with the faculty, fellow students would be an amazing learning curve for those with insatiable hunger to excel in their respective disciplines.

Register: The international students are expected to register immediately with the Office of International Relations soon after their first arrival on the campus. The GE would guide through admission process before the commencement of academic sessions. The international students will be assisted by IITM students till they find themselves comfortable on the campus.

Orientation program: The orientation session organised by the GE would brief you about the life on campus, city, Indian culture, etiquette, food etc.

Immigration process assistance: The GE helps international students with completing their immigration formalities guiding them through the necessary paper work.