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Sports Activities

Sports Activities

The GF & KR basketball tournament is one of the top names in the basketball circuit. Originally labeled as the Gerhard Fisher tournament int he 70’s, it was rechristened as the GF&KR tournament in 1980. Presently GF & KR is the number one basketball tournament in Chennai and the only one with participation from all over the country.Come January, the atmosphere in the whole IIT Madras campus is brimming with excitement. The participants are treated with reverence. The intensity of the play, the raw aggression and the professionalism gives it a mini-NBA feel

Competitive sports at its best is how the spectators would describe Schroeter. Being the inter-hostel sports competition of IIT-M this draws participation from all the 17 hostels. Held over the course of an academic year, it sees the hostels indulge in the ultimate battle to win the coveted Schroeter cup. Spectacular sporting feats, humdinger matches, the adrenaline rush both for the players and the spectators are a surety in all Schroeter matches. The finals experience the excitement of a world cup match with battles raging both on and off field. You can never be considered one among the insti ‘junta’ if you have’nt been a part of schroeter, either as a player or a spectator.

Deans Trophy
Dean’s Trophy is the other inter-hostel tournament, which like its counterpart is highly competitive. All the sports that are not played under the Inter IIT banner are cherished in this tournament every year. A mixed bag of disciplines to take part in, a wide array of skills on display, all in the pristine environs of a beautiful campus- a veritable feast indeed.

Usually held in the even semester (Jan-April), most of the events are individual. The tournament is an exhilarating experience, just for the range of activities involved. It is a complete sports and games tournament, testing your brains and body equally. It is a tournament where you can find out for yourself which is more exhausting – A six hour game of chess or a cycle race around the campus. It includes chess, bridge, carroms, cycle race, road race, triathlon, ball badminton and power lifting.