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Swansea University

Swansea University

Swansea University

To be nominated, interested students need to submit the Letter of Approval (signed by Faculty Advisor and Head of Department) , passport copy and your official transcripts​ and the below information ​to
·         Full name of your student
·         Student email address
·         Field of study
·         Duration of study (e.g.  Semester/Term(Fall)/Full Year)
·         Nationality

Nomination deadline for September 2020 start:  ​    10​th April 2020
Application submission deadline:                              ​5th​ ​May 2020

​After nomination,  students ​can complete ​the  online application
which is found in the “how to apply” section of the

I have attached a copy of our Swansea University factsheet which contains
important information​ ​ should consider before​ ​they submit their applications.

​Regards, ​

Mr R.Harish Ananth
Liaison Officer – Outbound Students
Office of International Relations
2nd floor, IC&SR Building
Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Chennai – 600036
Ph no: 044 22574928