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Technical Clubs

Technical Clubs

Centre for Innovation (CFI) is a ‘Student Lab’ at IIT Madras. It provides students the necessary
platform for realizing their ideas. A great workspace, a comprehensive inventory, ample guidance from faculty & senior-students and the zeal and passion of the CFI team make CFI a gifted asset for the students of IIT Madras.

Clubs at CFI are its functioning organs. Divided based on interests, each club represents a highly enthusiastic community motivated to spread and improve the knowledge base of the field.

3D Animation Club
Animation club attracts a lot of people interested in coding as it has ample knowledge and experience to offer regarding the new features in coding. They get a chance to work on both, open source software and software used by industry giants. Students can work on projects under the club to improve proficiency in blender game engine and in order to create stimulating games and attractive short films.

Aero Club
Aero-Club emerged with an aim to achieve flight stabilization leading them to do projects Want-to-Fly 1, 2, 3 and the ongoing project Want-to-Fly 4 to attain full flight automation. Quad-rotor and Ornithopter are a few noted projects of the club. Students also work on various aircraft designs like Delta Wing Aircraft, MAV (Micro Aerial Vehicle), Tilt Rotor Aircraft, Push-Propeller Aircraft, etc. The club aims at regular participation in IARC by forming a sustainable team.



Astronomy Club
Apart from the regular observatory and theory sessions on Astronomy, it has two ongoing projects under CFI – on Radio Astronomy and on Image Processing. Considered to be a stepping stone to being a professional astronomer, Radio Astronomy is a perfect blend of Engineering. Observation sessions with the new telescopes and peripherals, and Astro-photography will be a delight to any newbie in astronomy.
Auto Club
The Club holds regular informal discussion sessions on Automotive solutions to get together all the auto-enthusiasts, to discuss and be in awe of the state of the art technology that is being developed around the world. The club also works on automotive projects like Formula Student (FSAE) and SAE Baja. Members of the club have represented IIT Madras at the prestigious Formula Student event at Silverstone UK in July 2012. They displayed their prowess in designing and manufacturing a cost efficient formula car among other top universities at the very home of Motorsport.

Computer Vision Club
CVG was started with a vision of building a team of students with deep expertise in the technology of Computer Vision. CVG which competed against elite teams, from other top Universities in IARC 2009, was acknowledged as the best vision team among all the participating teams. With a set of extraordinarily talented, motivated and committed members, CVG has successfully completed various consultancy projects given by the Industry. The Club also mentors student projects in the area of Image Processing.

Electronics Club
The idea to develop a comprehensive knowledge of electronics and bring about projects based on core electronics gave the initiation to Electronics Club. With the support from Department of Electrical Engineering, Electronics Club is striving ahead to emerge as the “go-to” forum with constant active discussions and sessions where every minor problem related to electronics can be addressed. Currently students are doing 4 projects under the club.

iBot Club
One of the most active clubs, formed with a vision to raise the level of Robotics in the institute to an international standard by developing an integrated knowledge base in the field of Robotics has succeeded in sending teams to competitions like ROBOCON successively from 2008 to 2012, DRDO 2008, 2010, IARC 2010 and FIRA 2012. By offering indispensable guidance through workshops, tutorials, and equipment to all the interested students, iBOT club helps students express their skills, knowledge and creativity through conceptualizing and designing state of the art prototypes.

Web Operations Club
The Web-Ops club is meant to guide interested people and produce enough number of web developers so as to meet the present needs. The club is mentored by expert developers who have contributed greatly to web development operations in the institute. The club aims to organize regular hack sessions where web-ops enthusiasts develop in union and exchange know-how.