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University of Orleans

University of Orleans

University of Orléans

Nomination deadline: April 12th, 2019.

Application Deadline: May 1st 2019.

To be nominated, interested students need to submit the Letter of Approval (signed by Faculty Adviser and Head of Department) , passport copy and your official transcripts to
Could you please send me the information about selected students before they appl

– First name
– Last name
– Date and place of birth (city and country)
– Nationality
– Length of stay
– Place to study at UO (faculty/ institute)
– E-mail

Please find attached our 2019/2020 Fact Sheet along with the fact sheet of our engineering school “Polytech Orléans”.

For the exchange students who would like to study at the French Language Institute, they have to send me by e-mail a certificate of diploma of French (TCF, DELF…) or to send back the document attached “French language certificate” to me filled out and signed.

Moreover, the exchange students who would like to study in the faculties (not the French Language Institute) have to send me by e-mail a B2 level certificate of diploma of French (TCF, DELF…).
They will also have to fill out the learning agreement attached and to send it back to by e-mail while applying online.

IMPORTANT (1): Please ask your students to read the online welcome guide for international students:

French version:
English version:

IMPORTANT (2): Please note that the students won’t be able to request an accomodation change during their stay, except for a serious issue. The students have to be aware of this new rule and think about it before applying for a type of accomodation.
Please find attached our Student Guide in a host family. This guide will be also sent to the students who apply for a host family via the application portal.
Moreover, the students coming via our exchange agreement but considered as visiting students won’t be able to get CROUS on-campus housing. It’s useless to apply directly to CROUS.

IMPORTANT (3): The original birth certificate and the translation in French by a sworn translator are not compulsory documents anymore to be registered at the University of Orléans. Nevertheless, these 2 documents will be required by CAF (welfare office) for the students who wish to get a financial assistance to help them to pay the rent in host families or dormitories. The students interested in applying for CAF can bring these documents or they will be able to make the translation of their original birth certificate by a sworn translator in Orléans. The cost is usually between 50€ and 100€, depending on the source language and the size of the text to translate. The list of the sworn translators will be available on demand once the students are in Orléans.
Please note that the students who will request and get a “Visa Long Séjour Temporaire” won’t be able to get CAF financial assistance.

IMPORTANT (4): The health insurance in France is now free for the students registered in French universities, including all the foreign students no matter what is their visa type.

IMPORTANT (5): All the international students will have to go to the Welcome Center “Guichet Unique” upon their arrival at UO. The recommended arrival date will be given later along with the housing offer.

Otherwise, I am currently updating our exchange contacts, so please let me know if there is a different or additional contact I should use for correspondence.

Feel free to contact me for any further information.


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