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UTS Key Technology Partnership  Visiting Fellow Program 2019.

UTS Key Technology Partnership Visiting Fellow Program 2019.

Applications are now open for UTS Key Technology Partnership  Visiting Fellow Program 2019.


IIT-Madras being one of the Key Technology Partners (KTP) of UTS in India, I shall be thankful if you could circulate the below-mentioned information among all early and mid-career researchers who might be interested in undertaking collaborative research with their UTS counterparts.


To enhance research synergy, and to increase the intensity of our institutional relationship, we are very keen to receive several good quality applications in diverse areas common to both the institutions.

Candidates interested in applying, may please follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the Inbound KTP Visiting Fellow Program website
  2. Identify a suitable academic counterpart who shares your mutual research interests; visit the find an expert search tool
  3. Contact the prospective UTS host academic to identify opportunities for joint research
  4. Define the research project topic and agree on the content of the Application Form
  5. Complete the Online Application Form  *Please note it must be submitted by the UTS host
  6. Submit the Application Form by 23 September 2018 to participate in 2019

For enquiries, please contact Ana Paula Ruiz or Adriana Zanchetta.